Old Stage Stone Works is located in South Central Wisconsin near the edge of
the southernmost lobe of the last continental glaciation.  When the continent
warmed and the glacier retreated, it left behind a landscape strewn with granite
boulders which were swept along in its slow journey from the north country.   

The stoneworks stands on the edge of a grove of seven Burr Oaks which are old
enough to have served as a resting place for bands of Native Americans who
once occupied this land.  

Several colonies of honey bees, considered by many ancient cultures to be the
vehicle by which the souls of the departed are borne to the other side, are
located on the property.  

The land is shared with four horses, three dogs, five cats and a huge variety of
wildlife including foxes, deer, raccoons, frogs, snakes, sandhill cranes, great
blue and little green herons, barn swallows, red-tailed hawks, kestrels, and
scores of species of migratory birds.  

It is in this remarkable natural setting, and the myriad gentle spirits that share
it with us, that the founders of Old Stage Stoneworks draw our inspiration.
Granite - The "Living Stone"

Throughout history, granite has been the material of choice for the creation of
everlasting monuments, memorials, and markers for special places on earth.  
Our granite was formed from liquid magma in the distant history of our planet,
then hardened under extreme pressure deep in the earth, and later brought to the
surface through the erosion caused by glaciers and other natural forces.
When the continental glaciers scraped the planet bare of dirt and softer rock,
they exposed granite formations in many parts of the world.  The stone is
composed primarily of feldspar, mica, and quartz crystals, well known for their
energetic properties, hardness, and durability.  Each granite has its own unique
color and texture, with the colors and textures flowing and blending in endless
We work with our stone supplier to prevent any unnecessary waste of quarried
stone.  Because we strive to use every usable piece of stone, your piece may be
slightly larger than specified in one or more dimensions.  Please let us know if
you require a piece made to your exact specifications.

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