Keep the memory of your pet forever with a personalized memorial on beautiful
polished granite.  Granite emits incredible energy and joy.  You and your pet
deserve the best. The best is what you will receive from Old Stage Stone Works.

If you prefer, we will design a stone for you  based on any information that you
care to share with us about your pet.  Please send us a letter describing your pet
and his or her attributes, or just a funny or touching story.  We will use this
information to select the right stone, graphic elements, and fonts based on the
energy of your pet and story.

Whether you design your own or let us design it for you, an Old Stage Stone
Works memorial will create an enduring tribute to your pet.
Let one of our Old Stage Stone Works markers make a statement about a place
you love, a date you want to commemorate for future generations, or a thought
you want to share with the world.  Some of our favorite markers are shown in
these pages.  The possibilities are as varied as your imagination.  

Old Stage Stone Works
Pet Memorials
Commemorative and other markers
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Kewaunee River Rocks
Medium stones range from 8-12 inches,  large 13-18 inches, and can accommodate up to
four lines of text and a graphic element.
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